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The Muse Hotel

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This is a community for a bunch of friends to role play with their muses. Also the hotel provides a place for the muses to crash when they're not inspiring you, each muse gets their own room, complete with bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and living room/dining room. Treat this as either a general roleplay or if your character had their own LJ, your choice. Just if you're doing a journal entry put something at the top like "Journal entry #" or "dear diary." If you're posting like a roleplay, put the name of the character you're using in bold.

Join first, and I'll give you posting access. But if you're not one of our group, I'll have to check out your journal first and talk it over with the hotel staff.

Make a reservation
The Rules (will be updated as the community grows)
The Art Post (show us your muses!)

You can have as many muses as you want, we have plenty of room. If it's someone from a fandom, please write that when making a reservation.

Hotel Staff