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Assumably, Casye + liquor= NO too!!


I looked at Jez, stunned. Blinked once, twice, three times. I was drunker than I can ever remember having been. (Granted, you don't typically remember periods of drunkeness.) Finally, her words seemed to hit me and my jaw dropped.

"They're jumping off the roof without me?!" I cried indignantly, completely forgetting that I was supposed to be a least slightly responsible and was terrified of heights myself. 

I stumbled out of the kitchen, past a surprised looking Jez and ran (as much as one can while drunk) to where Samm and Karina were waiting for the elevator.

"Guys!" I cried, oblivious to the fact that they were standing right next to me. "Wait up!"


As everyone filed, slinked and otherwise rushed out of the kitchen, Phineas stood next to Jez in a state of mild shock. She didn't speak for a moment and there was a long silence.

"So." she said finally. "How about that hot chocolate?"


Skye followed Emmerson out of the kitchen, still in a deep discussion about Devil Went Down to Georgia, without showing the slightest traces of embarrassment.

"Did you know there's actually a Devil Went Down to Georgia 2?" Skye asked her.
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